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What is Big Fat Lottos

Big fat lottos is an online multiwin syndicate for the UK, euromillions and spanish lottery. Bigfatlottos was introduced in 2011 and has been getting more and more popular ever since. With the recent introduction on El Gordo lottery, and more international lotteries coming soon.

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UK National Lottery

Playing the UK National lottery with Big Fat lottos increases your chances of winning. When you join a UK syndicate you are placed in a group of 49 people, in which your 6th number is guaranteed in every draw. For more info visit the UK syndicate big fat lottos page.


When you join big fat lottos in a Euromillions syndicate, You get to spread your chances of winning by playing with more entries than normal! Your 2 lucky stars are guaranteed in every draw, So you only need to match the 5 main numbers to scoop the jackpot. Visit the Euromillions syndicate page to find out more.

El Gordo

The recent addition of El Gordo (the spanish "big one") to Big Fat lottos, means that you can now join in the biggest lottery in the world, with total prize funds of around €2 Billion. The chances of winning a prize are already quite high in El Gordo at 1 in 6. With Big Fat lottos your chances increase these chances by playing in more draws for your money by playing as part of a syndicate. El Gordo only has 6 draws annually, with the christmas draw being the largest and most famous, bringing the whole of spain to a standstill.

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